April 5, 2011

Looking Up

And I don't mean literally looking up, like toward the sky. Oh, wait, yes I do.

Until today, I never realized just how short I am! I thought I was average in every way except for my extraordinary awesomeness.

After class today I went to Subway for a bit of lunch. I like to stop at the one by my office which is also frequented by many OSU athletes. I don't know if you know this, but athletes are TALL. Well, maybe all of them aren't TALL, but the ones I see in Subway are always really, really, really TALL. So, today, I walk in there and there is an extremely, hugely, massively TALL male basketball player in line in front of me. I look up 37 feet from where my eye level is to see his face while he orders. I like to watch the expressions on people's faces while they think about what they want to eat. It's funny. He has his nose all scrunched up in deep thought like it is the most difficult decision in the world to choose that ham and cheddar sandwich.

And then, the door chimes. Nosey person that I am, I turn to look. You will not believe how TALL this person is! A girl, another basketball player, comes walking in and she is even TALLER than the guy in front of me. I'm surprised my jaw doesn't hit the floor from shock. I have literally never seen someone who is 43 feet tall before. In my life. Ever. Seriously. She is TALL, man.

I'm standing there between these two extraordinarily TALL people, and I'm thinking to myself...

Daaaaang, I'm short.

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