April 28, 2011

Things I love...

So...we already know I have a slight Pier 1 obsession. But did you also know I'm obsessed with Pottery Barn catalogs? Yes, I said the catalog, not the store. I can count on one hand the times I've been in an actual Pottery Barn store, but I read the catalog likes it's the newspaper. I love everything they have to offer. I love the way they put things together. I love their style. Well...I just love Pottery Barn.

I own exactly two items from PB. One I purchased online and one I purchased in the store. My online purchase was a CD tower that looks like an apothecary cabinet. I have since given it new life as a jewelry box because CDs are like so 1995. My store purchase was a clearance table top apothecary cabinet to match the CD tower. I've always used it on my desk at work to hold rubber bands and paper clips. I love them both, but they were NOT cheap. Even on clearance. And, if I'm being honest, which I am, I'm pretty cheap. Tight. Stingy. Or frugal if we're being nice. I will spend GOBS of money on purses and shoes, but beyond that everything should cost 2 bucks. If everything cost 2 bucks, the world would be a happier place.

My favorite thing to do with the catalog is "borrow" their ideas.

I used this idea for a wall arrangement in my living room. I was looking at the Fall catalog and this is the Spring edition, but it's still fairly similar.

My version includes lots of Coke memorabilia, of course, because I love Coke more than life itself. Ok, maybe not that much, but it definitely ranks right up there at the top. Along with bacon. Oh, and my family.

This is still a work in progress or a WIP as I like to say, but honestly most of my house is a WIP. I don't have the table on the right anymore because I found a super cool set that I'm currently refinishing. Someday I'll have the sofa recovered, but I can't decide on a color or pattern so I'm sticking with the 1970s yellow and green for now. It actually doesn't look that bad and you would totally agree with me if I were to show you the rest of the room... I'm also not in love with the butter cream-esque paint color, but it's what came with the house and the thought of painting all those walls wore me out. Painting is definitely going to be a down the road a ways project.

This is another idea I want to "borrow." I already have the secretary which my mom gave to me so it was my favorite price of all next to 2 bucks! FREE! But I've been struggling with filling the shelves in a functional yet stylish way, and this is just the ticket. I can probably even do this from items I already own which is even more FREE!

I also love a mismatched table and chairs. I already have a table similar to this that belonged to my grandparents. Currently, I have the same chairs sitting around it that my grandparents used, but they're kinda dainty feeling. The seats are cane and the legs are spindly and it's not that they aren't beautiful chairs it's just that I don't feel comfortable sitting in them for more than a few minutes at a time. And considering I sit at that table for hours at a time working on different craft projects I would love to have something more comfortable and eclectic feeling.

Like these perhaps...

Oh, wait! I already have 6 of these babies. I paid less than half price for them too! I love, love, love them, and I desperately want to put them around my pedestal table, but I think my mom would have a heart attack if I used chairs other than what the table came with since it all belonged to her parents. Oh well, maybe someday I'll work up the courage.

I also love these light fixtures...

I'm sure I could figure out how to make either one of these myself and save a ton of money. I especially love the one made from jars. So clever!

And these...oh man! If I had a Money Tree it would definitely be buying me one of these babies to go in my dining room!

I love me some PB. Pottery Barn. Peanut Butter. Pretty Boy. It really doesn't matter. PBs are ALL good in their own way, but the first one...it's great for inspiration, and if you have the Money Tree I wish I had growing in your backyard just buy it all and send me pictures so I can drool over them.

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  1. I drool over your GREAT sense of style at such great bargain rates! Can I pay you to handle all the interior design in my house when I finally grow up & get one?!?!?!