November 4, 2011

Friday, How I Love Thee

1. I love Friday!

2. You know what else I love? Making lists on my blog.

3. Also, I’ve travelled to the dark side. You are now looking at an iPhone user. I traded in the ‘ol Blackberry for a shiny new white rectangle of deliciousness.

4. I also love…INSTAGRAM! It’s equally as delicious as the iPhone itself.


5. Last Friday I took my second to last final of my college career.


6. Instagram captured it for me quite nicely, don’t you think?

7. This is actually the first picture I took. Are you surprised it’s a picture of my cat? You shouldn’t be. Smile


8. Also, last Friday, I went to the WalkAround which is part of the awesomely amazing homecoming celebration OSU has every year.


9. Can you believe that is made out of tissue paper??? Yeah, me either, but it really and truly is.

10. It’s so much brighter over here on the dark side. I highly recommend it!

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