November 1, 2011

Photo Challenge Week 14 : Sunset

photo challenge button_2

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness.

I feel like I haven’t blogged in years I’ve been so busy.

Plus, last weeks challenge really through me for a loop. I just could not get a decent silhouette picture so I just kinda…skipped it.

Do you think skipping week 13 is bad luck? I hope not!

This weeks challenge is sunset which I was only able to capture with my phone while speeding by it in my mom’s car (she drives like she’s in NASCAR!).


Right after my beloved Cowboys stomped all over the Baylor Bears at America’s Greatest Homecoming Celebration! this amazing beauty painted the sky. I wish I had had my real camera, but at least I was able to get this quick shot to keep my memory alive. Smile

Next week is shoes. I definitely shouldn’t have a problem with that one. Ha!



  1. Great picture! I just love how clouds turn orange during a bright sunset!