November 25, 2011

It’s Friday, Friday

I hope I’m not the only one who gets this song stuck in their head when they say, it’s Friday. Then you just have to go ahead and add the other Friday because well, the song is in your head as soon as the last syllable leaves your mouth.

Of course, I’m showing you the Glee version because Glee is my life. And well, I pretty much always prefer the Glee version to the real deal.

Like this song for example:

I just can’t help myself.

I’m weird. I know this. I’ve accepted it.

In other news, yesterday was Thanksgiving. I ate. I ate a lot.

Seriously. Check out my dessert plate.


Yes, that is a pile of whipped cream. To the side. I repeat, I’m weird.

See that lovely square of dessert? I made it with this:


Pumpkin spice pudding. In a word: Yum-i-licious.

I love Thanksgiving. It’s so full of food. And there’s always so much food. It’s just the best food-filled holiday, isn’t it? I suppose the family time is good too. Smile Especially if they bring food.

***We interrupt this program with late-breaking news!***

My doorknob fell off today. In my hand! What is going on I ask you?

So, my visiting grandmother and I put the dang thing back together and headed off to Lowe’s for a replacement.


Crisis averted. But, Shut the Front Door! Do I ever need to paint. Yikes!

We’ll now end our regularly scheduled programming with this bit of crazy cuteness:


Kitty cat lap blankets are the best. Smile

Happy Holidays!


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