October 11, 2010

Chuck and the "L" word

I have a confession to make... I am completely 100% head over heels in LOVE with a fictional character. His name...Bartowski, Chuck Bartowski. I live for Monday nights at 7pm when his boyishly handsome face will appear on my television screen! He'll be on in one minute and I'm so excited my heart is going to beat right out of my chest! Woooo!

Ok, ok, I know I'm a little crazy for feeling the "L" word for a fictional character, but I suppose I just wish there was a real Chuck out there somewhere to love me the way he loves his blonde, butt-kicking, bombshell girlfriend Sarah...*sigh* I mean look at these two. Are they not gorgeous?

So, I suppose the question is, will I ever feel for a real man what I feel for Chuck Bartowski, Secret Agent Extraordinaire? The world may never know...

P.S. Chuck is also one of the few television shows that does not make me nervous. Why do shows make me nervous, you ask? We'll keep that story for another day!

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