October 24, 2010

Elvis Sighting!

Lifetime Movie Network is one of my many vices (yes, I said MANY) and this morning when I turned on the television, already tuned into LMN because of course I was watching it when I shut the TV off the night before, this movie was playing:

I watched the first five minutes thinking I would flip the channel soon, but then I was hooked. I don't know if it was Blake Lively's horrible Texas drawl or the sad, brooding, bad boy quality of Max Minghella, but whatever it was I couldn't stop watching. And I really, really needed to get ready so I could head out to my parents for the day so what did I do? I recorded it on my DVR, of course! But was knowing I would have it recorded to watch when I returned home later enough for me? No way! I called my mom and asked her to record it too so I could watch the second hour when I got to her house! I must say I've always thought people who dress up like Elvis and "spot" Elvis everywhere were a few bricks short of a load, but if it's this Elvis I'm spotting then I want to see Elvis every day!

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