October 27, 2010

The Sweet Life

Usually when I come home I'm met at the door by Whiskey and Echo. Today, however, they did not meet me, and they didn't come running when I called out my usual, "hi babies!" Obviously, I'm thinking they're up to no good, they've broken something and they're hiding, or maybe they're just too cool to meet me at the door anymore. But, in actuality, Echo was sprawled out in the recliner like a beached whale and Whiskey, if you can believe this, was stretched out as long as she gets right in front of the TV on top of the TV stand! That crazy girl! I see all this laziness and I'm thinking why can't this be my life? Why can't I lay around all day everyday without a care in the world? I would get bored after one day, I'm sure, but it still must be nice to be a cat. :-)

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