December 17, 2010

Basketball Anyone?

Mar 27, 2009

I'm back! Don't get too excited, though, Jane is still living safely inside my head. I just thought since it's Friday night and I'm sitting at home alone watching KU stomp the crap out of Michigan State! that I would get in a little blogging action.

 Oh, man! Half time! Holla! I'm loving this game! Wow, that was a lot of exclamation points, but what can I say? The Jayhawks have turned my shit-tastical week around! :-) Now, if only The Zags could pull it together and get ahead of UNC, my life would be complete...for the moment.

I was recently told that I have an eloquent way with my words and wisdom which I'm sorry to say is part of the reason we are not meeting Jane tonight. Because, now I am nervous. What if I write something and it's terrible? Eloquence is a lot to live up to, and I've never claimed to be wise, but don't worry, I will try, just not today. Plus, I'm totes worried about this snow business. I'm not at all excited about seeing snow this late in March, and I'm not sure my wonderfully beautiful new car, Fiona, will like it either. We may just have to stay home all day tomorrow. I have already given up the bar tonight for staying home where it's warm to watch basketball, but it's not all bad because KU is making it damn entertaining! So, here I am Rock Chalk Jayhawking and worrying about all the homework I need to get done this weekend while hoping that I don't get snowed in. I've lost my motivation for school and need to get it back desperately. I have also let "life" cross the line I keep between school and everything else which is not good, not good at all. I only have six weeks left before the end of the semester so I must get my head back in the game! Does anyone hear a little Zefron singing Getcha Head in the Game when I say that? I do! Haha!

I'm not gonna lie guys I'm really involved in this b-ball game right now which is why this blog is a little...jumpy? I'm rapidly becoming irritated and screaming at the t.v. Those boys need to slow down, way down and think about what they are doing and take this game back! It's really funny to me when I yell at my t.v. and the announcer says the exact same thing I just said when I don't know a thing about sports! I must be a natural!  Tied at 53...I really need this to be a Jayhawk game or my dad will beat my bracket and I will never hear the end of it! He already reminds me everyday that he knows everyting. Puh-lease! I stopped falling for that ages ago. Besides, I know everything!

I am literally going to have a heart attack! I cannot handle this pressure! Come on Kansas!

*Sigh* Kansas let me down...big time, but there's always next year and don't think I won't pick them again!

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