December 28, 2010

Days Gone By

I really can't believe there are only 4 days left in 2010! This year was a big one for me. Even though I'm still single (much to the disappointment of my mother) and I still only have cats for children (also to the disappointment of my mother) and I still haven't graduated college (I think everyone has moved beyond disappointed on that front) I've still done great things this year. The greatest being buying a house! I've talked about house hunting/buying for a few years, but never really thought I would be able to do it especially since it's just me with a single income. I mean, come on, buying a house is a HUGE expense, and I don't make the HUGE bucks, but with help from my family and the support of them and my friends, I did it, and I couldn't be happier. I love just being in my house. It's almost like it's not just a home, but a part of my family. Ha!

I really need to add some landscaping...
 Also, this year, I have completed another semester of school (by the skin of my teeth...whew!) so that I now have 12 hours left before I'm (FINALLY!!) a graduate. I can't wait to be handed that diploma, and I'm so gonna frame it in the biggest, most obnoxious frame I can find. Heck, I might just dedicate a whole wall to it!

Another thing I've done, and this one was late in the year, but it still happened in 2010 so it totally counts is that I've chosen to make a lifestyle change which mostly involves making healthy choices. I, along with my mom and Tienna, joined Weight Watchers at Work (which I've done before, but at the time I wasn't ready to change my life for the better so it didn't stick). WW is an amzing program because it gives you the opportunity to choose. Diets have always depressed me because I feel like I'm being forced to eat leaves and grain all the time, and I feel like I can't ever have anything yummy. With WW I'm given a daily points target and everything has a points value so I get to come up with my own menu, and if I want to spend more than half my daily points on chocolate cake, I can because that's the choice I made that day. Now, does that mean I'll have to eat a ton of veggies so I won't starve the rest of the day? Yes, but sometimes, a gooey, drippy slice of chocolate cake is so totally worth it!

Well, I've only listed 3 things, but to me they were a big deal, and I'm sure if I thought about it, I've done way more, but I don't think anything will beat my top 3. :-) I hope 2011 is just as amazing for me as 2010 has been, and I hope it's awesome for everyone else as well!

Happy (almost) New Year!!

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