December 28, 2010

Up on the Rooftop

I must say that Christmas was truly amazing this year. I was able to see most of my family, we had a DELICIOUS dinner, AND Santa brought me a bike!!! I totally felt like a little girl again as I walked into the living room on Christmas morning and saw that bright and shiny brand spanking new red and white Schwinn sitting there with my name all over it! I'm sure the grin on my face could have lit up the world. :-D

Wooo Eeee!!!

Unfortunately, my brother and grandma had come down with some type of stomach bug on Christmas Eve, but they still made it out to the house for Christmas day. They were just moving a bit slow, poor dears. Anyway, I'm glad they made it because Christmas with just me, mom, dad, Milton, Rowdy, and Gipper would have felt super odd.

Mom and I even went a little bit Southern with our dessert. Ha! We made Paula Deen's Not Yo Mamma's Banana Pudding. It was quite tasty, but I wasn't paying attention to the recipe so I used too much milk which caused it to be a bit soupy. Oh well, I still ate it!

Milton (he only looks sweet...)

I can't wait till next year! Only 362 shopping days left!

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