August 24, 2011

Beware the Fine Print

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away. Or down the street. In an apartment. Where I used to live. A girl who was probably me would sit at her desk in front of her laptop and browse EBay. For hours. And hours. And hours.

Many, many purchases were made from EBay over a number of years and they were all very, very important. Who doesn’t need a Coca-cola ceiling fan?

A few years later, the girl, I mean me...I mean I moved across town. EBay was no longer the great taker upper of time that it had once been, but was still looked at quite often when something new and grand came on the market. Like Harry Potter on DVD. Not just Harry Potter on DVD, but the first Harry Potter box set that contained years 1 through 3.

EBay was and probably still is a fabulous place to buy these types of things because someone somewhere would have the exact thing on my wish list for little monies. I like it when things cost little monies.

The thing is, you gotta read the fine print! When you see Harry Potter box set ONLY $12 plus shipping!!! don't get so excited that you immediately put in your bid, win, and then wait patiently for the treasure to come in the mail only to find out it's in CHINESE without reading the fine print.


Or you’ll open the mail and see this.


Yay! Harry Potter! EBay is the BEST!

But then…


Yep…that’s Chinese…I think.

But, I didn’t see any of this until I saw it on the screen.


Oh yeah…it gets better.




 You would think I would have noticed it when I had the disc in my hand, but no.

It’s a good thing there’s a "Turn off the Subtitles" button on my DVD player remote because I’m way too lazy to replace these babies. Smile

After I opened this treasure and started watching them and then sat staring at my TV with my mouth hanging open I went to my laptop, logged onto EBay, and sure enough I had bid, won, and paid for Harry Potter with Chinese subtitles for my viewing pleasure. Hey! I could always learn a new language!



  1. Hahaha!! Shouldn't the seller be more clear about such important things?? Or maybe the same thing happened to them and they felt someone else should suffer since they had to. :) Sounds like a good enough excuse to learn Chinese from the way, three cheers for Oklahoma!!!

  2. You would think they would be more clear, but at least I now have a fun story to tell. Haha!