August 28, 2011


My little brother sure knows how to put a skip in my heartbeat, and not always in a good way. I swear if there’s trouble that boy will find it. Last night he was in a motorcycle accident.

He’s ok. Banged up, but no broken bones…maybe a cracked ego…and his bike is for sure broken, but he’s ok, thankfully.


Thank you to the man who felt the urge to go out and drive around last night. Thank you for driving by at just the right time to see my little brother’s accident. Thank your for helping him. Thank you for driving him to the ER. I will forever be in your debt for taking care of this person who is so special to me.

Thankfully, there are still good people in this world who will help a stranger. Thank you to all of you as well.

I love you little brother! I’m so glad you’re ok. But I’m still gonna smack you when I see you for scaring me!


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  1. oh my gosh! How scary. So glad he's okay! Harrison has been noticing motorcycles everywhere we go and he loves them. He says, "ga?" (b/c he doesn't know the word yet) and I say, "dangerous motorcyle." Gotta teach them from a young age, ha! (but in all seriousness, really glad your brother is okay.)