August 4, 2011

MOH Chronicles: Conclusion

Whew! I made it through my first ever stint as a bridesmaid. The wedding was beautiful. The weather was beautiful, but most of all Jesse was beautiful.

Here's that veil I stressed over so much. All I can say is Jesse made it look like a million bucks!

Just before putting on the dress. You would think they (whoever they are) would make those things easier to get on! My mom and I had to hold that puppy open from both ends to get Jesse in there without messing up her hair. I do believe that was the hardest job I've ever had.

Here we are together. She's so beautiful!

Excuse me while I go grab a tissue...

...Ok, I'm back.

Showing her sass.

So sweet.

My mom took most of these with my camera. When I showed her this one she said, "how cool am I? I totally made that sun thing happen on purpose!" She's so cute. :-)

Dancing with her "little" brother.

Speaking of "little" there some unwritten rule that they must be taller than us? And do they have to start acting like our "big" brothers once they are? Bossing us around like it's their job?

Gorgeous girl.

The flowers were fabulous if I do say so myself, and I do.

These are my two favorite pictures of me. Is it weird that they're both of my back?


You were the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. I am honored that you chose me to share your special day. I only wish I could have done more. Our friendship has been going strong for over a decade and what a great decade it has been! From Darren's Dance Grooves to watching Crossroads a million times to singing at the top of our lungs to the silliest of songs, we've been together through it all. We've laughed, we've cried, we've yelled, we've complained, we've hugged, and we've loved. I can't imagine living my life without you. Here's to many more decades as BFFs.

I will love you always.

Photo by Bess Watts

(I'll post pictures besides Jesse and me later.)

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