December 2, 2011

I Will Always Love the Oklahoma State Cowboys

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Because I was born a Cowboy. My parents met on the OSU campus. They were married the Saturday after finals in 1979.

Because when I hear my dad say, “How ‘bout them Cowboys!” I don’t only associate the phrase with the Dallas Cowboys (who happen to be my favorite NFL team).

Because when I see the color orange I don’t just see a color I see a way of life.

Because anything orange and black is automatically fair game to be OSU attire or home d├ęcor.

Because wherever I go in my travels there is always someone there to say, “Go Pokes!” when they see my orange t-shirt.

Because Pistol Pete has to be the coolest mascot ever. Smile

Because Cowboys aren’t just fans, they’re family.

Because even though we lost to Iowa on November 18th after a terrible tragedy had befallen our school, people gathered to meet the football team at the airport and sing the Alma Mater so they would know we’re still fans, win or lose.

Because two weeks from Bedlam Saturday I will be an Oklahoma State graduate. Yay!

Because OSU isn’t just a school, it’s home.

And because I will always love the Oklahoma State Cowboys if I could say anything to the amazing team we have this year before our game on Saturday against OU it would be this:

You’re all incredibly talented individuals on and off the field. You genuinely love to play the game. As fans there is nothing greater than watching a group of guys who love the game and each other as much as you guys do. So, don’t go out there thinking that you have to beat OU to keep us happy or that you have to beat OU to to be champions or that you have to beat OU so we can all travel to an awesome bowl game sporting America’s Brightest Orange. Beat OU because you can. Beat OU because you love the game. Beat OU because you love your teammates and you enjoy spending 60 minutes on a football field with them. Beat OU to beat OU. Don’t think about what it means or where it will get you. Just do it because it’s fun.

Go Pokes!


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