December 12, 2011

Photo Challenge Week 19 : From a Distance

 It’s the second to last week in the photo challenge! I’m sad to see it go because it’s been so fun.

This weeks theme is from a distance. I’m actually going to use a phone pic because everything around here looks brown and yucky. I probably have a picture from the Summer I could have posted, but I have a pretty cool one of my Christmas tree that fits the bill.

photo challenge button_2

So, this is something like the one millionth picture I’ve taken of my Christmas tree, and I’ve posted about half of those. I tell you, I cannot get enough of it’s gorgeousness! In other words, fully expect to see even more Christmas tree pics in later posts. Smile


I took this with my phone while sitting on the couch in front of the TV. I seem to spend a lot of time there. Ha! I might have leaned forward a bit, but I doubt it because I am way too lazy for that.

I think this is my favorite phone pic to date. I’m in love.

Up next week on our final challenge: Another Self Portrait! You can see my first one here.



  1. I love this picture and I love the finish! It seems to take a person back to a simpler time. :)

  2. Thank you! I love it too. It's kind of hard to believe it came from my phone. :)