December 9, 2011

This Week From Sylvia!

Wait! What? Who the heck is Sylvia?

She’s my iPhone. Duh.

Now that you’ve been formally introduced, let’s see what Sylvia has been up to this week.


The Pokes have done it! Bedlam winners! Big 12 Champions! *aaaaaaahhhhh* *waving hands wildly in the air* *aaaaaaaahhhhhhh*

I was only mildly frozen by the end. I could still somewhat feel my left kneecap, but everything else was gone. Frozen solid.


Goodbye goal posts.

I can’t say I really get the whole point of tearing down goal posts, but I’m sure that flash mob had a fabulous time doing it. Smile


This disturbs me greatly.

I mean, how long is an egg supposed to be good for? If I boiled them myself, for example, would they have a month long life span before stanking up my refrigerator?



And my bee-yoo-tee-full Christmas tree in the background. I just can’t get enough of that beauty!

P.S. This picture is a Hipstamatic print. I dig it. I dig Instagram more, but I can have two loves in life…or a million…right?


Speaking of loves of my life. This is it. Right here. McAlister’s UN-sweet iced tea. Oh. My. Word.


Last college class. EVER! Graduation is a week from tomorrow and I. Can’t. Wait!

It’s like Christmas morning only not exactly.


Who knew paint could be lactose intolerant?


Poor, poor lonely little nacho. I’m sorry I left you behind, but I was just so stuffed. Kinda like you were with all that tasty beef and melty cheese. Yum.

Happy Friday from Sylvia!



  1. Congrats on graduation!! Isn't leaving your last class the BEST feeling ever?

    And I can't believe you left that nacho behind.

  2. It IS the best feeling ever! I have no idea what I'll do with all of my free time. I'm sure I'll find something, though. LOL

    I tried so hard to eat it, but the cheesesticks I had with them filled me up. It was a super cheesy lunch! Ha!