December 19, 2011

Photo Challenge Finale!

It’s the final week of the 20 week photography challenge at A Step in the Journey. It’s been super fun!

We’re ending with a self-portrait which is also how we began the challenge, and if you know me at all you know I LOVE TAKING PICTURES OF MYSELF! Excuse me for screaming, but I seriously love it! I’m kinda weird like that…anyway, in the spirit of Christmas my self-portrait is very festive.

But, wait! There’s more! I’m sharing not one, but three self-portraits! I told you I can’t get enough of myself…haha!

I feel like I have serious focus issues in this one, but since I was using my friends camera and not mine, I’m totally going to blame his camera and not my skills. Smile

I’m 18 or 19 in this photo that’s glued to the inside of this ornament that I then took a picture of so I could call it a self-portrait. Oh, to be that thin again.

And, last, but never least an ornament reflection with my own camera. I seriously need to invest in some silver ornaments. Red is just not very mirror like. I do think the focus is somewhat better in this one, though.

Well, that’s it! The last 20 weeks have been super fun, and I love my camera even more now than I did the day it’s amazing-ness arrived in the mail. Thanks again, LB, for hosting this fabulous challenge!


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