December 1, 2011

Christmas is in the Air!

I love, love, love Christmas!

Honestly, I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t.

Friday, after Thanksgiving, I carted all 9 million of my Christmas boxes in from Sheila (that’s my shed if you didn’t know. Yes, I know its weird to name things, but I’ve never claimed to be normal).


Yikes! That’s a lot of deckin’ the halls!

I won’t lie. It took me two days to put up the tree and fancy it all up with fabulousness.

Ok, fine, I was watching football instead of trimming the tree. I couldn’t help it! The pigskin calls to me. It’s like there’s a little voice in my ear whispering, “watch more football. Must watch more football.”

But never fear! I finished her and she is Gorgeous with a capital G.


In a word: FABULOUS.

I’m in love. Seriously.

Every year I think it couldn’t possibly be any more beautiful than it was the year before, but then it is and I’m in awe. I seriously cannot stop staring at it.


I love this ornament. Oh, Scarlett, I do declare! Smile


Every girl needs a Y’all ball!

I’m so funny, I crack myself up!


Wasn’t it so nice of McAlister’s, home of my very favorite unsweet iced tea, to make an itty bitty iced tea ornament?!

And last, but never least, my most favoritist lights!


Bubble lights!

They’re totes the coolest thing since pre-cooked bacon!

I hope y’all love your trees as much as I do!

Happy December 1st!


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