December 23, 2011

This Week From Sylvia…

Poor, poor Sylvia (my iPhone). I’m such a blogging slacker? blogacker? blog putter offer? post procrastinator? well, whatever it is that means you sporadically blog, that’s me, that poor little Sylvia hasn’t gotten to share her fabulous photos in a couple of weeks.

I’m sorry Sylvia, I’ll try to be better in the future.

And, without further ado! This week from Sylvia we have…

Graduation party staples. AKA beer.

Last. Final. Ever. Goodbye school!

Let’s get ready to party like it’s 1999! Or like December 17, 2011! Haha!

I totally made this out of trash! I don’t have a picture of the whole thing, but it says “Congrats Grad!”

Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! I FINALLY graduated!!! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

Pretty, pretty necklace from my parents. Thanks mom and dad!

Yes, yes, I’m sharing my Christmas tree again, but in my defense I didn’t take this one. It was taken by a friend and text to me so it doesn’t count, right? Right?!


Who’s going to the Fiesta Bowl??? This girl!!! Go Pokes!!!

I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday!

If I remember to do it I’m totally going to share all of my OSU ornaments on here. In fact I think I’ll just continue to post pictures of my Christmas tree all the way through to next year. Winking smile


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