December 5, 2011

Photo Challenge Week 18 : A Childhood Memory

photo challenge button_2

I can’t believe there are two weeks left in the photo challenge! It’s been so fun. Smile

This weeks theme is a childhood memory.

I could have taken a photo of so many things for this category, but the other day I was coloring which totally takes me back and what's more reminiscent of childhood than coloring?

So…I was using Sharpies instead of crayons. I had to show my big kid-ness somehow! Ha!


I love coloring. It’s so fun and relaxing. Plus, I keep my Sharpies in a super neat-o OSU coffee mug. Extra cool!

Next week: From a distance.



  1. Nice focus on the colored portions! I love coloring too. A few weeks ago I made my son drag out all the coloring things because I had an unexplainable urge to color! Haha!

  2. Coloring is the best! And if you do it with Sharpies it makes you feel like a sophisticated color-er. Haha!